Hundreds of hours of observation and error revealed an art piece that I fail to put into words, just as these photos fail to reveal the true magnificence of this installation.  I am fundraising to cover the costs of construction and travel for 2018.

Remember Spirographs? The G String looks like a giant 3D Sprirograph drawing. The experience is that of approaching a rainbow caught in a tornado that can be heard howling from 100′ away as the woven string slices through air at 200 mph. The 900 RPM string whisks the air creating an energetic breeze on still nights. The sound is intimidating, yet the string is harmless and quite fun to play with.  This is an interactive art installation and playing with it is encouraged and described on another page.  Pre-programmed light sequences create a wide variety of effects.  A lone strobing light makes the moving apparatus and single strand of spinning string appear to be frozen in time, while all other senses contradict its static appearance. The scene transforms into a magical display as more lights illuminate, gradually revealing seemingly hundreds of color changing strands that form a beautiful fishnet vortex before finally becoming a translucent tube of rainbow colors. When the lights strobe, an elegant and organic fractal matrix is revealed that looks like the slowly turning mechanical workings of a wormhole.  Boom!!