Art and Soul Award Ceremony

Art and Soul of the Magic Valley is a 2 week event in Twin Falls Idaho.  I entered “The Electric Lasso” which was the first time I installed a piece indoors.  Indoor environments are difficult because the lights I use illuminate the walls, ceiling and floor thereby making the string hard to see among the illuminated surfaces.  The room was draped in black fabric and it worked quite well.

I received both good and bad news.  The bad news is that I did not win the Grand Prize which would have provided the necessary funding for a grand scale tour.  The good news is that I received first place in the “uncategorized category” along with a check for $1,000 of which expenses for the event were $700.

I also received honorable mention for the “3D Professionally Judged Event” which came with a letter.  This letter explained that the judges did not know how to categorize my entry.   I entered into the 3D category.  The letter ironically states, “We found the piece difficult to categorize, it’s definitely 3D but not sculpture in the traditional sense”.  Apparently entering into the 3D category with a 3D piece presented the judges with a challenge.    I assume there is a checklist of how to judge artwork and since my piece “was not sculpture in the traditional sense” the judges had a hard time filling out their form.  Other comments include; “there is a mechanical, technological quality to it and at the same time a flowing, rhythmic organic feeling”, “coolest part of the show”, “truly unique and stirs the imagination”, “really cool, my kids loved it and called it science”.     I am very grateful for the opportunity to present my work to the 1,000 people who registered to vote.  Special thanks and appreciation to Art and Bonnie Hoag for sponsoring the installation.

Accepting donations to complete the project and help fund the Tour!

Here’s the scoop. I just finished my book keeping and the total investment over the course of development is $5,732. Of that, regional grants recieved = $1050. One person donated $20 thus far. Just $4,662 in the red as of today. Please help me recoup the cost of building this piece by helping me pay for gas expenses…that way I can make the 4,800 journey from Idaho to Colorado to Michigan and back. Along the way, we will set the piece up in random locations such as national parks, city parks and anywhere we are called to participate.