Art and Soul Award Ceremony

Art and Soul of the Magic Valley is a 2 week event in Twin Falls Idaho.  I entered “The Electric Lasso” which was the first time I installed a piece indoors.  Indoor environments are difficult because the lights I use illuminate the walls, ceiling and floor thereby making the string hard to see among the illuminated surfaces.  The room was draped in black fabric and it worked quite well.

I received both good and bad news.  The bad news is that I did not win the Grand Prize.  The good news is that I received first place in the “uncategorized category” along with a check for $1,000 of which expenses for the event were $700.

The judges said, “there is a mechanical, technological quality to it and at the same time a flowing, rhythmic organic feeling”.  Others said,  “coolest part of the show”, “truly unique and stirs the imagination”, “really cool, my kids loved it and called it science”.     I am very grateful for the opportunity to present my work to the 1,000 people who registered to vote.  Special thanks and appreciation to Art and Bonnie Hoag for sponsoring the installation.

Accepting donations to help fund the Tour!

Here’s the 2018 scoop…. I started the tour at Flipside near Austin, Texas. I don’t know if Texas is big, as I only saw one part of it. However, I can tell you it is hot and humid. As much as I loved the experience, I won’t be going back unless it is winter. Next up was Apogaea in Colorado. What a fantastic community and the art grants are unparalleled as is the art at this regional BM event. Sonic Bloom was next, the music was as top notch as the location.

Next up is a deep playa installation at Burning Man followed by a 4 week experiential exhibit at ArtPrize 10 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am truly looking forward to the challenges of creating an immersive indoor experience for the attendees to this highly competitive event.

Please donate to help fund these next two installations.
Thank you, Chris